1.3.3. Non-thermal – ultrasound

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About Course

Knowledge and skills

Students will gain knowledge of the mechanism and application of ultrasound treatment in industrial food processing.
Students will able to assess and evaluate the possibilities of using US for the processing and preservation of food.


Teacher and organization

Małgorzata Nowacka
Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

What Will You Learn?

  • The aim of the course is to enhance understanding of the fundamental principles and practical applications of ultrasound (US) in food processing and preservation.
  • Key features of ultrasound treatment methods are outlined, emphasizing the effects of the critical processing parameters and their implications, alongside highlighting the most promising applications within the field.

Course Content

Introduction of ultrasound processing

  • Lesson 1

Mechanism of ultrasound processing

Effects of US on microorganisms

Application of ultrasound in different food processing and its effects of the food quality