4.1.4. Membrane technologies

Categories: 4. Scale Up
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About Course

Knowledge and skills

Students have knowledge about the aims of the applications of membrane techniques in food industry. They can characterize types of membranes and modules. Can list and describe pressure driven techniques, as well as alternative methods.
Students can select the membrane technology for a particular application, can present the methods used for the description od membrane selectivity and productivity.


Teacher and organization

Katarzyna Samborska
Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

What Will You Learn?

  • The aim of the course is to provide knowledge about membrane technologies applied in food processing, its aims, classifications and principles, impact on the environment (in comparision to conventional methods of separation).

Course Content

The aims and mechanisms of membrane techniques

  • The aims and mechanisms of membrane techniques

Characterization of types of membranes and modules

Pressure driven membrane techniques

Alternative membrane techniques